Bus & Coach tours of St Mary's

A gentle ride around the Island with a full commentary, stopping at selected viewpoints for photos. The tour gives a light hearted look into the history of the Islands, the Islanders, the sea around us and our dependence on it.
Tours normally leave Holgate's Green at 10:15 & 13:30 (Mon to Fri) 10:15 on Saturdays.
Each tour lasts approx. 70 mins.
Sorry but due to the time spent on the coach, we do not carry dogs or children under the age of 5 years.
For daily updates please see blackboards at departure point.

We charge a flat rate across the board, although there is a minimum charge in certain instances.
Item Name Price
Normal tour £8 per head
Groups of 20+ pax = £8 per head
Groups of less than 20 pax £160
Private Hire Please Contact
Sorry, no half fares for children

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@ScillyBusTours Jun 23, 15:17

Stopped at Carn Vean for tea and cake

@ScillyBusTours Jun 12, 10:25

Fed up with looking at photos of friends cats and dinner on Facebook? Fed up with armchair politicians? Go on a tour at 10:15.

@ScillyBusTours Jun 10, 15:09

Fred. Harry & Me with 'Katie' (The Firm) 2013 https://t.co/if97N4j0Bg

@ScillyBusTours Jun 10, 15:01

After a week of c**p weather, we're lurking 4ward to a better week next week.

@ScillyBusTours Jun 07, 12:13

Stopped at Carn Vean for morning coffee.

@ScillyBusTours May 31, 12:05

What's the difference between fog and mist. Answer= If it hits you, it's fog.

@ScillyBusTours May 25, 15:57

Sun is shining, the word'scenic' has now been reintroduced to our advertising.

@ScillyBusTours May 23, 11:33

The word 'scenic' has temporarily been omitted from our advertising.

@ScillyBusTours May 22, 16:47

Weather is going to be less than fulfilling tomorrow, go on a bus tour instead. 10:15 from Holgates.

@ScillyBusTours May 21, 16:56

Our highly motivated and exceptionally well trained drivers are almost desperate to serve you. Don't waste this tal… https://t.co/nFLLOtKUcO

@ScillyBusTours May 12, 10:30

Sorry folks, but due to the heavy rain this morning, the 10:15 tour has been cancelled.

@ScillyBusTours May 10, 16:58

Both buses now in full livery, photo call at St Mary's airport. https://t.co/gy1GRx9y1F

@ScillyBusTours Apr 08, 15:03

Both buses up & running now. Next tour 10:15 on Monday.

@ScillyBusTours Mar 16, 18:18

First tour of the 2017 season departs Holgate's Green at 10:15 on Monday 20th.

@ScillyBusTours Feb 27, 11:30

3 weeks today.

@ScillyBusTours Feb 19, 22:18

@ToddDeweyIRT Good luck, stay safe.

@ScillyBusTours Feb 19, 22:16

Latest sign writing all finshed and ready to go for 2017 season. https://t.co/1un4MiZn9D

@ScillyBusTours Sep 23, 20:53

Bloody autofill. My last tweet should have read, "After 3 busy days of bookings, the rest of the week should be back to normal!"

@ScillyBusTours Sep 21, 15:45

@ScillyBusTours should be 'rest' of week.

@ScillyBusTours Sep 21, 15:45

After 3 busy days off bookings, the rear of the week should be back to normal. 10:15 & 13:30

@ScillyBusTours Sep 08, 21:35

Just a note to say that the final visit of the Cruise Ship, 'Magellan' has been cancelled tomorrow due to adverse weather conditons.

@ScillyBusTours Aug 17, 16:08

Don't want to speak too soon but minibus is very popular with passengers as is new CD style commentary.

@ScillyBusTours Aug 09, 10:26

Depart Holgate's this morning at 10:15. This afternoons tours are likely to be busy. https://t.co/xSstZSy1r8

@ScillyBusTours Aug 06, 16:22

Island Rover Minibus Tours start on Monday 8th August at 10:15. https://t.co/iILtfhFTZr

@ScillyBusTours Aug 04, 20:12

New bus. Hopefully up n running on Monday https://t.co/XOy6s7YTFP

@ScillyBusTours Jul 26, 13:42

Sorry, still off the road.

@ScillyBusTours Jul 25, 11:10

Sorry folks. Still off the road.

@ScillyBusTours Jul 21, 20:22

Sorry folks but due to further mechanical problems, there will be no more tours until further notice.

@ScillyBusTours Jul 21, 10:00

After a day off the road yesterday due to mechanical problems, today we're operating as normal. 10:15 & 13:30